As a former vice and narcotics detective, I have seen the futility of trying to arrest our way out of the “War on Drugs.”  That’s why I’m supporting Initiative 502 on the ballot this year, a measure to regulate and tax the use and possession of marijuana in Washington State.  It is time for sensible reform to our drug laws.  The criminal justice system is currently stuck expending time and resources on the enforcement of state laws prohibiting marijuana.  These resources include:

  • Officer time investigation, obtaining and executing search warrants, making arrests, processing evidence, transporting arrestees, processing paperwork, and attending court;
  • Prosecutor, public defender, and defense investigation time reviewing, investigating, researching, and litigating cases;
  • Judge and court staff time;
  • Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory testing of marijuana samples;
  • Jail costs for booking, pretrial detention, and sentences;
  • Court-monitored probation and Department of Corrections supervision.

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As King County Sheriff, I will redirect King County resources from costly and ineffective marijuana enforcement to the investigation of property and violent crimes, including gang-related activity.

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