As Sheriff, I will ensure that administrative reviews of officer-involved shootings are done on a timely basis as required by our policy manual.  Was the shooting within policy?  Is additional training required?  Could the shooting have been avoided?  These questions can’t be answered without the review.  An administrative shooting review is critical so the aforementioned questions can be answered, and just as importantly, to show the community that we examine the actions of our deputies with a critical eye to make sure their actions were appropriate.  Yet there were four shootings in 2011—two fatal—where no Shooting Review Board until well after the required date, and only after I made an issue of them.  Two of the Shooting Review Boards took place over a year after the shooting.  This kind of lapse will not occur when I am sheriff.

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  1. Kent Baxter says:

    As a 30+ year veteran I can honestly tell you that a timely administrative review also benefits the deputy. Having been in a shooting early in my career, I can say the worst thing about the process was waiting over 6 months before the review occurred. It was difficult to go to work each day knowing the administrative review had not cleared me of any preceived training issues, etc. A deputy should not have to wait that long to have their incident reviewed. Timely reviews are a necessity.

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