As Sheriff, I have worked to reform the review process of officer-involved shootings. This is a matter of community trust, and I firmly believe that police departments should not be investigating their own officer-involved shootings.  I am lobbying the Legislature to fund a unit within the Washington State Patrol so that it can investigate every officer-involved shooting within Washington’s borders.

I have also provided the FBI with the case files of King County’s officer-involved shootings for additional review and oversight. Particularly when the families of individuals involved in the shootings request such measures, the FBI oversight provides an additional level of transparency and closure.

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  1. Kent Baxter says:

    As a 30+ year veteran I can honestly tell you that a timely administrative review also benefits the deputy. Having been in a shooting early in my career, I can say the worst thing about the process was waiting over 6 months before the review occurred. It was difficult to go to work each day knowing the administrative review had not cleared me of any preceived training issues, etc. A deputy should not have to wait that long to have their incident reviewed. Timely reviews are a necessity.

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