My campaign for King County Sheriff is based on leadership and accountability.  The Sheriff’s Office is at a crossroads.   We are headed down a road where we run the risk of losing support of the citizens we serve.  I can’t let that happen.  If we go down that wrong road, it will not be because our deputies don’t care.  It will be because of a lack of leadership within the Sheriff’s Office.

The citizens of King County want many things from their Sheriff’s Office.  They want a police agency that understands you can’t arrest your way out of every problem in society.   They want a police agency that is willing to consider other alternatives.

They want a Sheriff’s Office that listens to the citizens it serves.  Listens to what the citizens are saying about what is important to them, and THEN takes action.  They do not want a police agency that has the attitude of “we’re the cops and you’re not!”

They don’t care about so-called “business plans” or “strategic plans”.  They want a police department that is responsive and treats them with respect, especially if they’ve been a victim of a crime.

They expect their police department to use force only as a last resort, and then only the minimal amount of force necessary.

They want, as Sir Robert Peel said, not to measure our results by the number of arrests, but by the lack of crime.

Our communities do not want an “occupying force”.

Most of all, they want a Sheriff’s Office that is accountable.    That means we have to hold ourselves accountable first.  We have to take organizational responsibility for what we do.

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