King County Sheriff’s Candidate Receives Major Endorsements This Week

By Jennifer Sullivan

Seattle Times, Published September 6, 2012

King County Sheriff candidate John Urquhart has captured the support of his longtime former boss, U.S Rep. Dave Reichert.

The Republican congressman who served as King County Sheriff from 1997-2004, called Urquhart, in a statement, ” a leader of rock-solid principles and integrity.”

“John knows and deeply cares about our community and those who are serving us in the Sheriff’s Office,” said Reichert. “I have seen him turn entire communities around because of his persistence and intelligence. He’s a cop’s cop and a leader who has my respect, complete trust and wholehearted endorsement. John will be a great sheriff.”

Urquhart and Reichert worked closely during the congressman’s years as Sheriff. Urquhart was Reichert’s media-relations officer; their offices were several doors down from one another. Urquhart, who in September retired from the sheriff’s office after 32 years, spent nearly half his career as the department’s media-relations officer.

In April, Urquhart announced that he will be running against current King County Sheriff Steve Strachan. Strachan, the former police chief in Kent and and a police chief, city-council member and state legislator in Minnesota, was formally appointed  when former Sheriff Sue Rahr retired earlier this year.

Urquhart also gained another major endorsement on the other side of the political spectrum this week.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, a liberal Democrat, said he supports Urquhart’s push for law-enforcement accountability and “race and social justice.” Holmes said that Urquhart also supports Initiative-502, the legalization of marijuana for adults over the age of 21.

“I’ve been talking with John for many months,” Holmes said this morning.

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