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  1. Pat jones says:

    John is the leader that the King County Sheriff’s Office desperately needs. He will be the type of Sheriff that is not afraid to make tough decisions. And right now more than ever it is apparent that his type of leadership is needed. I like that John is straightforward and says it like it is. I have no doubt that he will restore the King County Sheriff’s Office to be one of the most respected Law enforcement agencies in the state and nation.
    Pat Jones
    Retired Sheriff of Kitsap County

  2. David Maehren says:

    As a retired King County Sheriff Captain who worked with John since the 1980’s I can say that John has the motivation, character and knowledge to lead the King County Sheriff’s office. The Sheriff’s office faces the challenges of a new era in policing. John’s commitment to ensuring innovation, accountability and public trust are key values that are core to a successful transition.

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