Automated External Defibrillators provide immediate lifesaving treatment when minutes make up the difference between life and death. While medics in urban areas can quickly get to a patient, accessing suburban or rural areas is more challenging. Often times, the Sheriff’s Department reaches a victim before the ambulance. Since I became Sheriff, I have been working to equip all deputy cars with a Defibrillator. By the end of 2012, we had defibrillators in 75 of our cars; by March 2017 there were over 280. While AEDs were not in the budget, I  lobbied and carefully managed the budget to use savings to expand our defibrillators.

Because of this advocacy, in May of 2017, The Snoqualmie Tribe generously donated 150 AED units to the King County Sheriff’s Office! This was enough to outfit virtually every patrol car in the Sheriff’s Office, both unincorporated and in our partner cities!


Recently, this practice saved the life of one of our own. A deputy had a cardiac emergency after interacting with a drunk driver. The nearby AED provided the emergency aid that saved his life. From deputies to citizens, equipping patrol cars with defibrillators will save countless lives.