John McKay, Former US Attorney for the Western District of Washington

"John is a man of integrity who is dedicated to public service. He has always approached his police work as a problem-solver with a passion for justice. He is a leader, and as Sheriff he will ensure the King County Sheriff's Office preserves and protects the trust of the communities in which it serves."

- John McKay, Former US Attorney for the Western District of Washington

Congressman Dave Reichert

"John Urquhart is a leader of rock-solid principles and integrity. I believe he will maintain a commitment to the core values of leadership, integrity, service, and teamwork. I have seen him turn entire communities around because of his persistence and intelligence. He's a cop's cop, and a leader who has my respect, complete trust, and whole-hearted endorsement. John will be a great Sheriff."

- Congressman Dave Reichert, Former King County Sheriff

Anne Kirkpatrick, Spokane Police Chief (Ret.)

"I am honored to be asked to serve as Chief Deputy on John Urquhart's leadership team upon his election. Based on my 15 years of experience as a police chief in Ellensburg, Federal Way, and Spokane, I know that John has the values, integrity, and skills necessary to restore the greatness of the King County Sheriff's Office.  I look forward to working alongside him and serving the citizens of King County."

- Anne Kirkpatrick, Spokane Police Chief (Ret.)

Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell

"John Urquhart is the best choice for Sheriff this November.  He has made police accountability to the community a hallmark of his campaign, and that is exactly the kind of message we must be sending in this new era of policing. John has the credentials and talent necessary to implement change in the Sheriff's Office, and to insure trust is maintained between police officers and the communities they are charged with protecting."

- Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell, Chair of the Public Safety Committee

Senator Ed Murray

“John Urquhart proudly stands up for the rights of all citizens. He truly holds dear to him the same values as the vast majority of King County residents. It's admirable how John has lent his name and voice as a leader in law enforcement to help insure all Washington citizens are treated fairly, including the fine men and women working in the King County Sheriff's Office."

- Senator Ed Murray, 43rd Legislative District

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes

“John Urquhart is the best candidate to lead the King County Sheriff's Office. His campaign is based on the need for leadership and accountability to maintain and restore the trust of our communities. As a 36 year police officer and lifelong resident and leader in King County, John has the skills necessary to implement much needed changes in the Sheriff's Office."

- Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes

Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

“Endorsed Highly Qualified: Candidate satisfies all the criteria to earn an endorsement and in addition truly holds a very strong understanding of the key business issues.”

- Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

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